Food and beverage request

We look forward to welcoming you.

To give you the best experience possible, let us know if you would like something to eat or drink.

The total will be calculated and you will be sent an updated reservation folio showing you the amount due at check-in. You can also book breakfast or buy beer or wine at the front desk at check-in or in the evenings during your stay, from 17:00-21:00.

    Breakfast (1.500 kr per person)Bottle of white wine (3.200 kr)Bottle of red wine (3.200 kr)Bottle of sparkling wine (2.800 kr)Beer sampler (6 Icelandic craft beers, 3.900 kr)

    For dinner, we highly recommend our local restaurant, Rauða Húsið (The Red House)

    Located in the historic center of Eyrarbakki in a house constructed in in 1919, the building maintains an old-time charm. The menu is classic and timeless: locally caught langoustine, several preparations of local fish, beef tenderloin, and Icelandic lamb are the stars. The lobster pasta and soup are very filling, and there is a good selection of local beers and fine wines. Check their website for opening hours and menu. Reserve a table.